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Respect, Honour & Dignity

Even after financially securing millions of families, with tireless efforts for 100s of years, Insurance Sales Professionals have not got their due respect from society. 


SAFAL Singapore is committed to educate the society and redefine the perception of society towards Insurance Sales Professional through various activities such as video campaigns, social media activities, etc. (Already launched ‘Advisor Jaruri Hai’ & ‘Insurance Advisor is on Your Side’ ads)


This will not only help existing force to reach out more people with dignity but also help the industry to attract talent to join, reach more people and prosper.

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Setting ‘Right’ parameters for international recognition for efforts of Insurance sales professionals for ‘Sustainable Growth’.


Unfortunately, insurance industry has not achieved what it could have. With time, its becoming even tougher to reach target clients. One of the main root cause for this damage is recognising Insurance Sales Professionals on ‘Not so client centric’ parameters of performances, e.g. Premium & Commission. 


Most of the companies, Including International Platforms are giving international recognition on premium and commission. This is shifting the whole focus of Insurance Sales Professional from being ‘Client Centric’ to ‘Self Centric’. 

Human nature drives an individual to act inhuman. One can’t be ‘client centric’ in a call, think about client’s ‘benefits’ and suggest a product which gives ‘higher’ benefits to client but brings very less commission and premium for the ‘Insurance Sales Professional’. This turns Insurance Sales Professional into ‘Agent’.


SAFAL Singapore believes that ‘commission & premium’ based recognition is not in favour of the client, insurance sales professional, company and the industry. Thus, decided to change this and give international recognition based on ‘Sum Assured’ & ‘Lives Insured’.


Soliciting for ‘The Higher Sum Assured’ and trying to ‘Insure More Lives’ will not only beneficial for the society but also, the client, Insurance Sales Professional, Company & Industry.

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Annual Events & Celebrations

SAFAL Signature, Annual learning event - Countrywise

SAFAL Experience, Annual learning event - Statewise

WE can do it, Women only Annual learning & celebration event

SAFAL Carnival - International celebration & learning event


Tools & Technology

Empower Insurance Sales Professionals with various Data, Tools, Support & Eco-system to reach new heights.


SAFAL Singapore believes to add value from day one in the life of Insurance Sales Professional and provide all required data, tools supports and eco-system to help them to grow, unlike others to enter when one has already achieved success on their own and ask for considerably big share of one’s income just for giving a tag which hardly anyone knows in the society (Client/Prospects).


SAFAL Singapore believes in ‘Contribution’ & not in ‘Profit Sharing’ without doing any value addition.

SAFAL Advisor - Performance Management Software/App’ is one of its kind tool for Insurance Sales Professionals to ‘Monitor’ their ‘Inputs’ which will actually take them long way ahead.

Family First - Life, Health & Wealth Diary is the best gift an Insurance Sales Professional can give to prospects/clients. This will not only help prospect/client to organise personal finances at one place but also help Insurance Sales Professional to do proper fact finding, need analysis & provide solutions in a very effective way.



Provide robust systems & processes to build credibility for insurance sales professionals.

You can use 'SafalAdvisor' logo on your visiting card.


Powerful Internationally acknowledged robust system to set credibility on higher side for Insurance Sales Professionals. So, s/he can face the prospect/client with more confidence and clients also can recommend her/him in their network.


Learning / Resources

Exposure to best learning opportunities from the best performers across the world.


‘Whom to learn?’ is even more important than ‘What to learn?’ SAFAL Singapore is committed to bring the most suitable people on stage to share their success mantras, who have done it themselves.


Various online learning resources along with International events such as ‘SAFAL Signature’, ‘SAFAL Experience’, SAFAL Carnival’, & many more.