Frequently asked questions

What is SAFAL, Singapore?

South Asian Financial Advisors League (SAFAL) is Singapore based organisation. Its an international initiative with the mission - ‘Respect, Honour & Dignity for Insurance Sales Professionals.’

Why should I join SAFAL, Singapore?

Even after 100s of years ‘Insurance Sales Professionals’ have not got due respect in society. If you feel that you deserve ‘Respect, Honour & Dignity’ join this first of its kind initiative with the mission. Along with other benefits, SAFAL Advisors will get below benefits also- Members: Participate in SAFAL Signature at special price. Qualifiers: League of Icons & League of Legends will be able to participate in an international conventions specially and only for qualifiers and ‘Insurance Carnival’. Pls visit ‘Benefits’ page of the website for more details.

Who can become the ‘SAFAL Advisor?

Any licensed advisor from Life, Non-Life & Health Insurance company registered with regularity body of the country.

What are different levels of SAFAL Advisor?

Member SAFAL Advisor - Selection based only Qualifier League of Icons - 5 Cr Sum Assured or 100 Lives Insured (Jan to Dec) League of Legends - 25 Cr Sum Assured or 250 Lives (Jan to Dec)

What is the duration of SAFAL membership?

Member: 1 year (12 Months) Qualifiers: Calendar Year

What is the SAFAL membership fee?

Member: (Annual fee) SAFAL Advisor Pro: INR 10,000 + GST 18% Qualifier: League of Icons: INR 5000 + GST 18% League of Legends: INR 10,000 + GST 18%

What is SAFAL membership/qualifier process?

Visit ‘Become SAFAL Advisor’ page and follow the process. For League of Icons & League of Legends click on ‘Apply’ button

Is there any deadline to become SAFAL Advisor?

Membership validity period is one year. (12 Months) One can become SAFAL Advisor anytime.

Do I have to renew my SAFAL membership & qualifier status every year?

Yes. As SAFAL membership is annual & qualifier status is based on yearly qualification.

How do I pay the SAFAL membership/qualifier fee?

Online. At the time of filling the application form.

Do I have to pay in INR or I can pay in currency of my country?

Pay in currency of your country.

Can I get a refund?

Fee is non-refundable

What is the Online Membership Application System and how does it work?

Visit Click on Member’s Login Fill the form

How long does it take to complete an online application?

3 - 5 Min

Will I get any receipt or confirmation for the fee?

Yes, It’s digital e-receipt you will immediately get in your email.

Will I get any membership kit / card / number?

Yes. It includes Certificate, ID card, notebook, Pen, Keychain, Visiting cards, Stickers for Home, Office, Car, Bike, Bag.

Where is the head office of SAFAL?

5001 Beach Road, #04-01 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

What all activities done at SAFAL?

Celebrating various days e.g. ‘International Insurance Advisor Day’ Various learning events Releasing educational videos for public awareness about the importance of insurance advisor. Two campaigns are already aired - ‘Advisor Jaruri Hai’ & ‘Insurance Advisor is on your side’. To watch those videos pls visit

Can I refer anyone to become SAFAL Advisor?


I want to become volunteers? What is the process?

Visit our website and click on ‘Apply as Volunteer’ Fill the form, Verify. You will be contacted by our Project Head.

What is the process to surrender the membership/qualifier status?

Annual Member - Surrender is not required and it’s automatically ends at the end of year.

What is website address?

What are the contact details?

India: +91 7878 222 000

Do I need to take permission or NOC from my company?

Insurance advisor is an independent professional. You can take decision on your own. If you are employee, You are not eligible to become SAFAL Advisor.

What documents do I need to submit for membership?

Digital/scan copy of your licence

Can I change my contact details (e.g. address, contact number, email etc)? What is the process?

Yes. Login in membership page, go to my profile, edit, save. Done

What are the difference between other clubs (e.g. MDRT, LIRT etc) and SAFAL?

Explore yourself. Experience yourself.

What all countries covered by SAFAL?


What is international Insurance Advisors Day?

A day celebrated in the honour of Insurance Sales Professionals. A person who is putting blood, sweat & tears in securing families inspite of all odds.

What are various annual conventions?

SAFAL Experience: State-wise annual event SAFAL Signature: Country-wise annual event SAFAL Carnival: Annual International event SAFAL League of Icons: Annual international event for qualifiers SAFAL League of Legends: Annual international event for qualifiers

When and where it is celebrated?

June. Around the world.

Is there any representative in my city?

You can approach us on or WhatsApp +917878222000