Frequently asked questions

What is ‘Insurance Icon’ & ‘Insurance Legend’?

South Asian Financial Advisors League, Singapore (SAFAL) is working for ‘Respect, Honor & Dignity’ for Life Insurance Professionals.

SAFAL believes that, recognition of achievement must be on right parameters and in front of those who must know about it at first.

‘Insurance Icon’ & ‘Insurance Legend’ are an awards for those life insurance professionals who have done real value addition to the life of individuals and industry as a whole.

What are the qualification criteria?

Insurance Icon = 100 Lives or 5 Cr Sum Assured in a calendar year.

Insurance Legend = 250 Lives or 25 Cr Sum Assured in a calendar year.

What is the qualification period?

January to Dec (One calendar year)

How to apply for ‘Insurance Icon’ & 'Insurance Legend' awards?

Visit click on ‘Apply Now’ button and fill the form.

What will I get as recognition?

One Medal & Certificate in front of your own people who must know that you are an achiever & successful.

What is the registration fee?

If you are SAFAL Advisor = No fee

If you are not SAFAL Advisor =

Insurance Icon = INR 5000/- Plus 18% GST = Rs. 5900/-

Insurance Legend = INR 7500/- Plus 18% GST = Rs. 8850/-

You need to pay while registering for the award.

(To become SAFAL Advisor, visit

What is the process of recognition?

First fill the application form on

Pay the fee.

Submit the proof.

After verification, representative of SAFAL, Singapore will contact you for finalizing the time & place of the recognition.

Once Time and Venue is finalized, representative of SAFAL, Singapore will come to the event and announce the award.

Which event should I select for recognition?

An event in your locality, where maximum people can witness your recognition. e.g. Your community get together, Your society event, Religious events such as Ganpati, Durga puja, Navratri utsav etc.

Who will take permission from the event organizer?

You need to take permission from the event organizer as they know you.

SAFAL, Singapore will send official intent letter to the concern person as per your guidance.

What are the charges/expenses do I need to pay for this recognition function?

No charges.

You are an achiever, you deserve this recognition in front of your own people.

How’s this type of recognition function will help me?

Your own people will get to know about your achievements from the representatives of an international organization.

This will boost your credibility in your own people.

SAFAL recommends you to take maximum benefit of this event. You may make a list of your prospects (who will be present in the event).

Buy ‘Family First – Life, Health & Wealth’ Diaries. SAFAL Singapore representative will give those diaries as gift from you to them. This will not only help you to meet them later (to explain Family First & follow up) but also create a good image of yours (as a giver).

What documents do I need to submit & where?

Send a verification letter on from your company officials on company letterhead mentioneing below details - Qualification criterias e.g. Live & Sum Assured in perticular calendar year. Authorised person's name & contact number for verification call.