ITR Ready?
Agent to Advisor Series Topic - 2
Your role is to help your client & prospect to be ITR ready.

The way to differentiate yourself from ‘Jhola Chhap Agents’ from the begging of the very first meeting and forever.

Date: 4th July, Sunday
Time: 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Content: A checklist of all documents & details an individual must be ready with to process ITR smoothly.  As an Advisor you must provide this crucial info to your prospects & clients. It will help you to Gain, Regain your prospects and Retain & Develop your client.

You will get eBook (Hindi & English), One pager PDF file (to send to your prospect & client) & lifetime access to the Video of the session.

Fee: 300/-

Payment options:



Credit/debit card

Send screenshot of payment to 9004960006 and 9825600778 to receive session link

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Himanshu Joshi
Trainer & Innovator
Mission: Respect, Honour & Dignity for Advisor

ITR Ready By Trainer Himanshu Joshi